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Ocean Sailing PackingList - Crew

Less is more; less is more; less is more! But packing for months at sea, with no idea what the weather might do, what a regular day will look like, which shores will be visited, and what the next adventure will be? What To Bring?!

I have made an extensive list of the most important things to consider to bring as a crew member, for a pleasant, safe and happy ride across the ocean. I didn't have all these things, and you'll be fine if you don't have all. You don't need much at sea. As a general rule, if you can live without it, leave it at home. Storage space is worth gold on board. You won't have much. If you have already committed to a boat (and are sure about it!) before leaving your home base, ask what's already on board, so you don't have to bring it. What boats usually (but not always) have for you: towels, bed linen and a life jacket. What boats sometimes have for you: foul weather gear and a head torch. First, I will present the list for easy reference. I provide some commentary on different items to help you figure out whether they may be necessary for you or not.

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